Welcome to Winnipeg Truck & Trailer Service

A complete repair service provider for trucks, trailers and buses in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Truck & Trailer Service renders a wide range of repair and maintenance services for all models and brands of trucks, trailers, buses, RVs, flat decks, vans, and dump trucks for big fleets and individual owners. Over the last 8 years, Our outstanding customer service has earned us an excellent business reputation in the truck  and trailer repair industry in Manitoba.

  1. Shop Services

    Located in Winnipeg, we are specializing in services such as inter-model, major damages, fleet maintenance and running repairs.  With a staff of professional technicians we excel in permanent solutions specific to your fleet and all major damages.

  2. Mobile Services

    Unexpected break-downs are costly to the bottom line.  Winnipeg Truck & Trailer Service offers quick response to equipment failures that occur on the road. WE have fully equipped mobile truck to deal with majority of the repairs on your equipment.

  3. Body Work
  4. Other Services

    At Winnipeg Truck & Trailer Service we pride ourselves in quality solutions for all your fleet requirements.  To ensure your business is profitable we stand by our quotes at fair market pricing. We take pride in a standard of high quality craftsmanship while providing an honest environment in which both company and customer can benefit.

    Proper and timely maintenance will differ costly breakdowns, which come at a high cost to your business.  We offer a full preventative maintenance schedule to keep your fleet on the road, which in turn will keep your customers happy.  Careful measures are taken to ensure your fleet meets the standards governed by the Ministry of Transportation.